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Premier Bed is one of the UK leading suppliers of alternative horse bedding. We offer different types of alternative horse bedding including; Cardboard horse bedding and paper bedding. Both of these beddings can be used as animal bedding and are aimed for horse beddings.

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Cardboard Bedding for Horses & Other Animals.

What is Cardboard Horse Bedding by Premier Bed?
Cardboard animal bedding is the new extra absorbent bedding that is dust free and is the alternative to traditional horse bedding that has been made from hemp, wood shavings and straw. This new cardboard bedding is cut up into small pieces and is dust free. Due to the consistency of the card it is easier to clean up and much nice to work around. As there is no straw  dust that make breathing difficult in an enclosed environment like a horses stable.

Our corrugated card alternative animal bedding is a very simple and cost effective bedding. Our horse bedding is highly efficient and is designed to meet the requirements of racing, show jumping and event yards.

We pride ourselves on making an excellent product that we are sure you will agree is better than traditional horse beddings.

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Animal Bedding – Cardboard Bedding.

The Premierbed range of products are much better for your animals health and also are cheaper to use. So switch your animal bedding to our cardboard or paper bedding and save money and improve your animals health.

Because of the great insulating properties of corrugated cardboard Premierbed Card is the perfect alternative to wood shavings and other horse bedding as it helps to keep your animals warm in the winter.

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Horse Bedding - Cardboard Bedding

Benefit – Cardboard Bedding.

  • No Dust.
  • Cost Efficient.
  • Super Absorbent.
  • Insulating.
  • Easier to clean up.
  • Simple to spread.

Animal Bedding made from cardboard

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