Premium Alternative Horse Bedding. Cardboard / Paper Bedding

Cardboard Bedding

Premierbed Card Horse Bedding

Premierbed Card (WPC) is proven to be more absorbent than traditional wood shavings, hemp or straw. Any liquids quickly Cardboard Animal Beddingseep down through to the bottom layer leaving the top layer dry and comfortable for your animals, whilst the high absorbency level of our bedding helps to control and eliminate any odours.


Benefits of Cardboard Animal Bedding

- WPC is dust-extracted during manufacturing to minimise dust particles and is free from foreign matter such as seeds, spores and parasites.

- WPC is very absorbent. In fact it is six times more absorbent than straw, five times more absorbent than wood shavings and twice as absorbent as hemp!

- WPC is unpalatable to animals making it safe for all round use – not just equines. It doesn’t blow around like wood shavings or stick to your animals so can be used in yards, stables, horse boxes, cages, kennels, catteries and so on.

- Just like the traditional animal bedding materials WP also has good insulating properties to keep your animals warm as well as dry.

- WPC is very cost effective as it does not require the removal of the whole bed. Simply remove the soiled bedding and replace as necessary.

- WPC requires very little time and energy to apply. Simply open a bale and effortlessly pour out as much as you require.Cardboard bedding for animals

- WPC is supplied in plastic wrapped bales which can be stored outside saving you valuable internal storage space.

- Walmsley Premierbed Card animal bedding is available for delivery throughout the whole year.

Environmentally friendly Animal Bedding

Walmsley Premierbed is 100% Bio-degradable making it easily and readily disposable. It is easily composted, breaking down in just 2 to 3 months, and makes a great mulch.

Premierbed Card is made from uncontaminated clean surplus cardboard and Premierbed Paper is made from newspaper, both of which would otherwise end up in landfill.

Other uses

Premierbed can also be used as a packaging material in place of those eco-nasty polystyrene chips!