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What is Premierbed Card?Animal Horse Bedding

Walmsley Premierbed Card bedding is made from clean highly absorbent corrugated cardboard chopped into little square pieces. It is the modern dust-free alternative to the traditional horse bedding materials such as straw, hemp and wood shavings.

By using Premierbard you are making life much easier for yourself when mucking out as there is a significant improvement in moisture absorption and a massive reduction in dust when putting down and mucking out this bedding.

Walmsley Premierbed Card is simple, cost effective and highly efficient and is designed to meet the strict criteria already used extensively by racing yards, show jumping yards and event yards.

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Premierbed can also be used for many other animals. Switch to Walmsley Premierbed now and reduce your costs – and the risk to your animals health.

Because of the great insulating properties of corrugated cardboard Premierbed Card is the perfect alternative to wood shavings and other horse bedding as it helps to keep your animals warm in the winter.

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