Premium Alternative Horse Bedding. Cardboard / Paper Bedding

Horse Paper Bedding

Horses & other Equines Bedding Paper

Premierbed is fast becoming the number one choice of animal bedding material in the equine industry.

It is both dust and mould free making it ideal for the prevention and treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and dust allergies.

Benefits of Paper Bedding

Premierbed does not stick to horses coats, manes and tails like sawdust or wood shavings so reduces grooming time.

Premierbed bedding is very cost effective equine bedding as you only need to remove and replace soiled bedding.

The insulation properties of the cardboard make it the ideal bedding for horses over the winter period.

Unlike other horse bedding materials Premierbed is unpalatable making it totally safe for your horses and ponies.